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Used to use the app all the time. Suddenly codes don't load, so no coffee count towards thefree coffee and can't use deals! This had been going on for too long and seems like no fix is on the way.

I just downloaded the app and took a screen shot of the bar code "10 nuggets for the price of 6" coupon. I went to a McDonald's location and the cashier scanned my bar code and then proceeded to tell me that the bar code had already been used?? Huh? I literally had just downloaded it 1 hour earlier so how could it have already been used? Pretty disappointed. Also, I felt like the cashier thought I was trying to scam them... which I definitely wasn't. I used to work at McDonald's back in the day.

I go every day to McDonalds and always when it's time for my free frappe after the 4th stamp...Boom The frappe count restarts and I always lose my free frappe! After 5 restarts ...I give up!!!

Bought four coffees they all disappeared.........then finally all five that I purchased showed up and I never got my free coffee...

Rewards is BS!! Had 4 mc cafe and they all disappeared!! It started a whole new cycle all over again never got to my free frappe!!

2 week in a row purchase the coffee and never got the free coffees just moved off app check yours something going on need to be investigated

free OJ thank you GREAT APP

Guess What Mc Donalds, YOU SUCK!!

Great when it works.

When its working its great but about a third of the time it crashes. Ive looked at a deal in the car getting ready to leave and in the ten minutes it takes to get there it crashes. Very embarrassing and annoying to have happen at the window.

Horrible app

The only location that this app will permit me to order from is 30 miles away. Despite having many close by locations. Doesnt function. Wont let me cancel orders that havent actually been placed. I hate this app.

Great App! Love the deals! Deals are having errors

Love the deals, but they keep loading with error messages saying theyve already expired. Please fix!

Horrible experience

The Deals always have some type of technical difficulties and the employees never know how to use the app and the managers are never willing to help. Its like they create these deals that dont work just to get you to come to McDonalds in the hopes that since youre already there youll buy something.

Deals expire incorrectly

Deals keep saying they are expired and show no barcode when you tap them even when the deal should be available. Very buggy app

Horrible update.

Not even worth a star but had to select one.

Cant confirm registration

Over 19 times McDonalds was supposed to send me an email to verify my email. Never happened so cant use app. Ridiculous!!!!

Im loving it!

dont understand the negative reviews. EVERYTHING i have used this app for it has done as intended. this app has saved me hundreds of dollars and that isnt an exaggeration. i use a lot of the coupons mainly the buy one get one free. now i have not used a lot of the other features but they do work too. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

The codes dont work

This app is very unreliable. Many times I get error messages when trying to use a coupon code.

Does not work have the time

Make sure the app is working before you order because most of the time doesnt. I have been burned several times.

Complete waste

Says the order went through, sets the pickup location and says finish and pay. I set the pickup location and wait for ten minutes, no one. Look at recent orders and its empty, no charge on my card. Simply wasted 15 minutes and did absolutely nothing.

App has glitches

Recently the app wont open due to errors or wont show the qr code

Dont waste your time

Cant use the app if you do not register. That is the problem you never get confirmation email to register.?.

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